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What about DA is so important to you? :) DA is nostalgic for me!

I have great friends here like :icontuvvin:

But I'm just not in touch the way I used to be nor do people seem to reach out anymore. I miss that. 
Tell me!! I used to read em a lot as a teen oWo

pokemon ones were majorly spooky, like pokemon black x0x that was my fave.
I heard a girl say she wants a partner she really loves. She explained, for her this meant someone that she would die without. She said she does not want someone she could 'take it or leave it.' Do you see how black and white that is? With interpersonal relationships we have separate worlds, but we have our own individual world. Someone told me one time, it's like frozen yogurt. The other worlds with people are the toppings. And sometimes your favorite toppings aren't in stock or they are discontinued. But the froyo itself is still good. You can still eat it. And they'll be new toppings to try, but you'll still have your own world if your world with someone else no longer continues. People seem to make one relationship their entire world. They make their life only one world. That is unhealthy. And that does not mean you're 'taking it or leaving it' with someone you love. It means you love yourself too.
Woah, I stayed up for hours compiling together a massive PDF with about 43 pages of concept art/sketches (among things I explain about them) And commissions that haven’t been released. The download is available to anyone after donating $15 (or more) here:  and then emailing me so I can send you the file…This support would mean a lot to me and I’d hope my work can inspire you! 
Hey! I want to make a PDF of my rough works and some commissions I haven’t posted to the public. Unseen concept art and etc. I want to make it an option to buy. Let me know if you think that’s a cool idea! Since I think it’ll be pretty hefty and take time to organize I’m thinking of selling the download at $20. 
Lol, I have been having a hard time with uploading through STASH. I type in the deviation name and it uploads the files original name. This typically makes it named 'delete' X'D since that is how I organize files I am uploading most of the time. It keeps my desktop from being flooded with things to be deleted. I recommend trying it!

As for that, my post that got named 'Delete' was in regards to $10 commissions I have opened to help me save up for a tablet pen! I damaged mine and it's rather unreliable. 

Take care guys. Sorry for so many commission posts. I really wish to post more my own original art, but bills are to be paid <3 Wish you all the best. And really happy every time I see a comment from one of you.  kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals 
One thing I love to commission most of all is pixel art and I've been wanting some lately c: link me some artists you know that are open with their prices if you can. Thank you :heart:
I'm having a bit of a hard time being social lately, but I've been really exhausted and sometimes I need some introvert time even being such an extroverted person : o

I wanted to leave some mental notes to myself because I seem to misplace them a lot... But I'm aiming to start doing some story boards for a personal animation. I'm attempted over 2 minutes full cleaned up, and I'm already sweating the very thought of that.

- Watch storyboard videos. including from class/on youtube etc... reference books you own.
- Refer to a tiger animation you found on tumblr
- Refer to a dog animation you reblogged on twtter
- Refer to saved art involving inspiration

I have a commission to finish, but I'd like to reopen with wiggle icon commissions. I'll be posting about that as soon as I can figure out a cleaner way to export. I'm not sure why I'm having trouble, as I've exported many things in the past without issues.

Fun side notes!

I'm learning polish and brushing up on my spanish and exploring more vocabulary with that. I'm dabbling in some music making as well. It's been a joy. Learning new things and stimulating different parts of my brain has been such a great experience! I'm also looking forward to crafting again.

Sometimes I forget how calming quiet alone time is.

Take care all, lots of love.
I contacted the help desk and I guess they dont care. ok thanks DA, for NOTHIng everyday of my life

does anyone else have this problem cause i can only check it on my phone. IS this Some kind OF PLOT DA for me to get OYUR APP because I DNO tno CAre


..I've ever been to!!!

Check them out!!
I'm starting to flesh out my webcomic, FINALLY. and no more excuses. I have the means to do this right now with all my heart and soul... However, I'm an animator and know some storyboard, but heck Idk anything about comics!

Any tips, PLEASE that'd be amazing... I also have the biggest question..

How do you make your panels/layouts?

Thanks <3
Are adult themed comics or cartoons ever picked up by kids companies and asked to do a kid friendly version? Like how disney used to base kids films on really scary old stories?

Also like Nick finding Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and working with Jhonen Vasquez to make Invader Zim. Does that also happen often too?

Not that I'm saying I'll go anywhere, but I want to make my comic very adult themed with drugs and twisted religious elements and I'm not sure if that would sabotage me applying for a job or pitching a child's version of it to a company? 
I read a journal from when I was 14.. which is now 7 years ago... It was when DA was the greatest place for me in the world. An escape to be myself through my art. Art was my coping mechanism and DA was a community where I had lots of friends and could be apart of many different fandoms. Lately, I've been regretful of not going out much as a kid exploring, but I don't really think I should feel that way because this place provided comfort for me and I'm sure a lot of it is the reason I am me today.

At 21 years old, I feel kind of out of place again. Like, I'm trying to find myself more than ever right now. Life's been in all different directions over the years, and I'm not quiet sure what path to take. I'm actually confused, nervous, and a little scared..... Things have gone so fast, so so fast. It's pretty insane... I feel unready and I feel like we all are? 

I want 2017 to be different, I want it to be a year that makes everything in my life matter and I can make sense of all paths that were chosen in my life. 

I'm always on a journey I deemed for myself back in 2013, a journey to my own personal enlightenment. 

Have you any advice/wisdom, as an older, or younger, or my age person? 
Famous/indie... Let me know : )
How are you guys?

I kind of abandoned my social interactions with DA and I'd like to come back and talk with you all. :heart: 

Have a lovely day.…

Ends in 2 hours and it's only at the starting bid.

Hope you're all well <3 
I have some special fennec fox adopts available tomorrow! Surprise someone you love who loves fennecs 💕 

Never before bonus of an animated icon can be yours of anything you want! 

Special offer of custom colors/design for your fennec! 

Happy Holidays 🎄🐾🕎
Keep it friendly : D
Finally able to attend to my contest, congratulations,

:iconprussiangala: on second place!

:iconshieto: on third!

Check your notes and let me know what character you'd like me to draw for your prize.

Thanks everyone for entering and I hope you had a good time. Really enjoyed and loved each and every entry. :heart: :peace:
Tell me and why! : )